Why Reggie Wayne As a Patriot Breaks My Heart


Photos: Matt Bowen/Indianapolis Colts

There are a few different kinds of breakups. I can tell you this, because I’ve had all of them at some point in my life.

There’s the Already Over You breakup, where you break up with someone and it’s so amicable, you actually hope they start dating someone right away. If nothing else, to make you feel better. You start picturing people you know would be good for them and setting them up in your head (or in real life). That’s how over it you are.

Then, there’s the Never Want to See You Again breakup. This one is less amicable. In this case, you already feel bad for the people who might date this person in the future, and you want to warn them. Not only do you want to get away from them, you want everyone else to stay away from them – for their own good.

But there’s also a more complicated breakup. It’s the breakup you don’t want, but you know is the best thing for you. And not only do you not want that person to date anyone else, but the mere thought of it kind of sickens you. The This Isn’t Working, But I’m Not Ready to Move On and I’m Sure as Hell Not Ready for You to Move On breakup is the hardest kind there is. And the only thing that could make it harder, would be that person moving on…with your archenemy.

And that is exactly what just happened to Colts fans with Reggie Wayne.

The writing was on the wall last season. Reggie had lost a step (or three). Injuries nagged him and the game started to surpass him. There were younger players waiting on the sideline. And it became all too obvious what the Colts needed to do.


We wanted the fairy tale ending. We wanted Reggie to play for only one team, to retire a Colt, to be inducted into the Ring of Honor immediately, and the Hall of Fame eventually, and to live happily ever after.

And that’s what Reggie wanted too – just not right now.

And therein lies the problem. Like so many other relationships, it all came down to timing.

The Colts moved on with someone younger.

And now, Reggie has decided to move on…with someone no one likes (who also has a history of cheating).

The truth is, if we didn’t love and care about him, we wouldn’t care where he went, what he did, or who he did it with. But we do.

Life is hard. Love is hard. Football is hard.


And saying goodbye before you’re ready is the hardest thing of all.

But a girl can still hope for a fairy tale ending.

And for Reggie Wayne, it’s worth the wait.


  1. blackhorse27 says:

    Sour grapes about sums up your little lost love missive….the cheating reference was a cheap shot. It was indicative of a sore loser whose team just can’t make that next step of a champion. In sports parlance it’s what separates men from little boys.

  2. AJ says:

    Heather….you say “cheater” for the Patriots but if you really were a fan of football and not fan of the team we crushed last year in the playoffs you would know that the game is won on many different fronts and your “can’t finish” Indianapolis Colts will never be close to the Patriots Powerhouse….Although I’m a fan of Reggie Wayne and I like the move, he won’t change are offense at all!!! Sorry so blunt

  3. Donovan says:

    Pats do have a history of cheating, not counting Deflategate. But typical Pats fans stalking other teams blogs name calling and throwing out insults only to prove what class their organization has. Respect is something earned and sadly a 4 time champion has little to none outside of their own fanbase no matter how loud and often they scream out they do.

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