Time For The Colts To DECIDE

Photo: Indianapolis Colts

Photo: Indianapolis Colts

It was the theme for this Colts team all season. They wore it on their shirts at training camp. They heard it on the field and in the locker room. They  hashtagged it on social media.

A single word with endless possibilities.

And now, it’s time for the Colts to DECIDE…

Whether they’re horseshoe guys or guys who wear the horseshoe.
Whether they focus or fumble.
Whether they push or get shoved.
Whether they play tough or get out-toughed.
Whether they pull through it or tear it all down.
Whether they put up or shut up.
Whether they’re mentally tough or tough to figure out.
Whether they come together or fall apart.
Whether they do or desire.
Whether they achieve or believe.
Whether they strive for greatness or settle for good.
Whether they win or go home.
Whether they look back on what they did or what they left undone.

Whether they DECIDE…

Or whether they let another team decide for them.

It’s time.


Go Colts!

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