This Time Around

Colts Running Back Ahmad Bradshaw (Photo: Colts)

Colts Running Back Ahmad Bradshaw
(Photo: Colts)

Something kind of unsettling happened this morning. My husband turned on Mike & Mike on ESPN (as he usually does when he’s getting ready for work). And as the dog and I cuddled in bed (as we usually do when he’s getting ready for work), I watched part of the show…and they were saying good things about the Colts. Really good things.

They talked about their dominating offense, their stifling defense, even threw out the letters “MVP” when discussing Andrew Luck.

Later that day, I turned on some other sports shows. Also good. All good. Almost too good.

Considering the lack of attention the Colts have had from the national media, you’d think I’d be thrilled to hear them finally taking this team seriously. The sports world is just seeing what I’ve seen for a few seasons now: up and coming stars, putting the pieces together, preparing for glory, and getting closer every week.

And now, we have people saying this could be the team and this could be the time. The only problem is, I’ve been there before. And I know the baggage that comes with it. The last time the Colts were the darlings of the NFL, I got caught up in the madness. And so did they. There was talk of disrespect when no one paid attention, talk of destiny when they did.

The first time around, I related to the younger players, the guys who had never been there before, the guys who couldn’t wait for it, wanted it so badly they could taste it, and got restless when it didn’t happen on their timeline.

This time, I trust myself. I listen to my gut. I identify more with the veteran players: Robert Mathis, Reggie Wayne, Adam Vinatieri. The guys who’ve been down this road before. The guys who preach patience and focus and process. The guys who know it’s as much about timing as it is about talent.

This time, I’m older and wiser. I’ve been through more ups and downs (in sports and in life) and I have better perspective because of it. This time, I’m not going to let the media tell me how to feel about my team. Especially those who only see it in person once or twice a season.

Trust me, I want the Colts to get there as badly as anyone. I can’t wait to see this team win a conference championship, make a run for the Super Bowl, and hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

But this time, it’s not so much about what happens. It’s not so much about when it happens. This time, it’s about the ride.

And so far, I’m enjoying the ride.

Even if we just picked up a few (thousand) more passengers.

Go Colts!

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