This Is Our Year

Ten years ago, I woke up saying, “Did that really happen? It wasn’t a dream? The Colts really won the Super Bowl?”

Today, I woke up saying, “Did that really happen? Did the Patriots really come back and beat the Falcons to win the Super Bowl?”

The only thing worse than that is waking up and having no football for six months.

The good news is – it’s a brand new season. And it starts today (even if it doesn’t officially start until fall).

And this season, the Super Bowl is in Minneapolis, the city I grew up in, the place I fell in love with football watching the Vikings with my dad on Sundays.

Minneapolis is beautiful. Yeah, it’s cold. But U.S. Bank Stadium is warm. And so are the people.

I plan to be at Super Bowl LII. And I plan on bringing the Colts with me. And if my old team wants to show up – well, that’s fine too. In fact, that’s exactly what Dan Graziano of ESPN is predicting – a Colts/Vikings Super Bowl – with the Colts winning, of course.

Here’s to 2017…

This is Our Year.

And it can’t get here soon enough.

Go Colts!

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  1. Judy Wolven says:

    You bet, I would love to see it too. And I can believe the Patroits did it, not that I like them at all, but just saying……
    It is what it is. Go Colta

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