The Peyton Manning Breakup: One Year Later

Peyton Manning March 7, 2012 (Photo: AP)

Peyton Manning March 7, 2012
(Photo: AP)

It’s been 12 months since that gray day when Peyton Manning tearfully bid farewell to the Colts, the fans, and the City of Indianapolis.

It’s been 52 weeks since this fan watched in disbelief, sobbed like a baby, and felt like someone had ripped her heart out.

It’s been 365 days since we openly wondered what would become of our team, our city, and our lives without Peyton Manning.

Breakups are never easy. And as far as they go, Peyton Manning may be the hardest one I ever had. Sound crazy? Well, think about this…

How many times did you break up with someone, only to watch as they are publicly courted immediately by every person who ever had an interest in them? How about getting live updates as to their whereabouts as they are wined and dined by successful and attractive people, hoping for a chance at a future with them? And then, have no choice but to see them make their fateful decision and ceremoniously tie themselves to their new mate…on live television?

Ya. It sucked. Even if you saw it coming. Even if you knew it was the right decision. It still sucked.

And one year later…how are we doing? Actually, pretty well.

I’m not going to lie, it still feels strange to see Peyton Manning in a Broncos jersey. I’ll never get used to it. It will never feel normal. The Broncos will always feel like the other woman.

But, I have officially moved on. I am in love with my new quarterback and my new team. I am excited about the future and feel great about where we’re headed. I couldn’t be better. Really.

Yes, I know Peyton is coming to Indianapolis to play the Colts next season. As a Bronco. Thanks for the reminder. And how do I feel about that? One word…awkward.

Torn between the past football love of my life and my current and future football love? Perfect. But I will handle it like I did the breakup. With dignity and class.

I will cheer to greet Peyton Manning, then cheer on Andrew Luck and my Colts.

Right after I throw up.



  1. Troy says:

    That day was one of the rare times I had shed tears for something sports related. I’d followed Peyton since his freshman year at Tennessee. I became a Colts fan because of Peyton. You have it in your mind that someone like him could NEVER be cut. My loyalty will always be with Peyton but I’ll pull for the Colts except for when they play the Broncos. Long term it worked out best for both parties involved. The Colts secured their future with Luck and Peyton landed with a team that could potentially secure him another ring.

    • Heather Lloyd says:

      A day that will live in infamy for Colts (and Peyton) fans. It did work out for both of us though. Would still like to see him retire a Colt some day…like Jeff Saturday is doing today. How’s that for timing?

      • Troy says:

        My guess is he will regardless of what he does with the Broncos. He made Indiana known for something besides basketball and the 500. He will be forever linked with the Colts. He’s made all of us who love him proud of him.

        • Dennis says:

          As a longtime Broncos fan who is planning on enjoying the few years Peyton and I may have together, I’d want and expect nothing less than for him to re-sign with Indy at the end of his career and retire as a Colt. We love having him, but he was yours first and, regardless of any success he may or may not have in Denver, he made his name there.

          • Heather Lloyd says:

            Thanks! Love how the Broncos fans have embraced Peyton. Now you know how we felt about him for all those years. You guys are taking good care of him. Hope he wins a few Super Bowls for you…then he can come back to Indy and retire a Colt!

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