See? I told you. No reason to panic.

T.Y. Hilton: "I'm king of the world." (Photo: AP/Bill Kostroun)

T.Y. Hilton: “I’m king of the world.”
(Photo: AP/Bill Kostroun)

And you were worried…

After a somewhat disastrous first preseason game against the Bills, the Colts came back against the Giants and proved that all the work General Manager Ryan Grigson did and all the money Colts owner Jim Irsay spent will pay off.

Some of us knew that anyway.

I’m just glad we’re on the same page now.

It was far from a perfect performance. But it was much, much better. And good enough to solicit a much nicer tweet from Irsay.


The highlights for me from Sunday night’s game were:

A nice introductory play by cornerback Greg Toler. Hello, friend. Welcome to the Colts.

Rookie linebacker Bjoern Werner made some plays…and earned some nicknames in the process: Bjoern Identity, Bjoern Supremacy…I would say Bjoern Ready, but that one is already taken by Lance Stephenson.

The defense is coming together. And we haven’t even seen Laron Landry do his thing yet. It’ll really be “monster built” once the Incredible Hulk shows up.

Reggie Wayne. Can we say enough about this guy? No. So, I’ll just leave it at…wow. Just wow.

And then there’s Marvin, I mean, T.Y. Hilton. Whose future is brighter than his? And I agree with Michael Henrich (@HenrichNews), T.Y. is definitely my favorite Hilton sibling.

There were some low points.

I don’t know what is going on with Coby Fleener, but I hope he figures it out soon. The team isn’t going to give up on him yet and neither am I. He did help make a tackle after a Hasselbeck interception, but came up limping afterwards. It sounds like it’s nothing serious, thankfully. Maybe it can distract him from whatever it is that’s going on in his head. Could we get him an appointment with Roy Hibbert’s sports psychologist? Or Frank Vogel?

And about the running game. Name the last time the Colts had a dominant running game. I’ll wait…

I’ll give you a hint: Dominant. Domin…

Yes. It was the days of Dominic Rhodes. And he’s not walking through that door anytime soon. Then again, with the preseason injuries…you never know.

For whatever reason, the Colts will always be challenged in two areas: running the ball and special teams. Or, as some Colts fans like to call it, “not so special teams.” Then again, Adam Vinatieri looks pretty darn special. Especially as the oldest player in the league.

How about this approach? The Colts focus on what they do well. And just try not to suck at what they don’t.

Well rounded is good. Unless that makes you average at everything.

Then it makes you the Buccaneers.

Go Colts!

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