Season opens…with a win!

(Photo: ESPN)

(Photo: ESPN)

On Sunday, the Colts did something they hadn’t done in four years. They won their season opening game. It never would have occurred to me that they hadn’t done that since beating the Jaguars in 2009, but Bob Lamey told me while I was driving home. So, shout out to him and the Colts Radio Network.

It wasn’t pretty. And they didn’t dominate. And it wasn’t against a highly ranked team. But, the Colts pulled it off. And in fairness to the Raiders, I don’t think they’re the worst team in the NFL. Far from it. And I don’t think the Colts will be the only team they surprise this season.

Andrew Luck still has too much pressure on him. Especially coming off the snap. Yet somehow, he managed to complete more than 78% of his passes (78.3%), throw multiple touchdowns (2), with no interceptions, and become the first quarterback to do so in a season opener since Ben Roethlisberger in 2008. Luck also owns eight game winning fourth quarter drives in his career, the most of any NFL quarterback. And I didn’t get those numbers from Bob Lamey. I got them from ESPN. So, shout out to them.

To put it in perspective, as Andrew Luck was escaping yet another tackle and completing yet another pass…I heard the man behind me tell his young son, “Two years from now, he’s going to be the highest ranked quarterback in the NFL.” And you know what? He’s right. So, shout out to dad, the smart Colts fan.

As little time as Luck has to throw, the opposing quarterback still seems to have all day. Especially when they don’t know if he’s going to throw or run. But guess what? The Colts are going to see that a lot this year. Especially when they go to San Francisco in two weeks. So, hopefully that’s something they can figure out. Or, as Bill Polian would say, that it’s “correctable.”

That being said, the Colts defense…wow! Just…wow. And that’s something I haven’t said in a long time. I can’t tell you how long, but I’m picturing Bob Sanders and Cato June. So…that long ago.

Laron Landry and Greg Toler…welcome to Indianapolis. Hope you stay a while. A long while. And Antoine Bethea and Robert Mathis…welcome back! These guys are strong, fast, and everywhere. They’re fun to watch and make the game exciting on both sides of the field.

Talk about exciting…Lucas Oil Stadium was rocking! The 12th man caused a couple of unplanned timeouts by the Raiders. So, shout out to them.

The Colts have a talented young team. When I take the potential of the offense and put it together with the playmakers on defense, it equals what should be a really fun season. And that’s about as close as I get to coming up with a stat. So, shout out to me.

And if it weren’t for you, my fellow Colts fans, I wouldn’t have anyone to share this season with. So, shout out to you.

Go us.

And go Colts!

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