Season Ends Much Like It Started for Pacers

Paul George is helped off the court by David West and Donald Sloan.  (Photo: Fox Sports)

Paul George is helped off the court by David West and Donald Sloan.
(Photo: Fox Sports)

It all started in the offseason, when Lance Stephenson signed with the Charlotte Hornets, shocking the Pacers, the fans, and the NBA world.

Then, that fateful night in August, when Paul George went up for a block during a Team USA exhibition game and came down with a devastating leg injury that would keep him sidelined for practically the entire season.

Then George Hill, who put in mega work in the offseason, only to start the first few months of the regular season on the bench battling his own injuries.

Then, after Paul George’s return, the Pacers get their groove back, begin to make a playoff push, and Chris Copeland is stabbed outside a nightclub in New York City.

And that wasn’t even the end of it.

In the final game of the regular season, a must-win for the Pacers, David West twists his ankle and returns to the game, though his mobility is clearly compromised. And with just minutes left, Paul George is carried off the court with an injury to his other leg, most likely caused by overcompensation.

And that was the end of it for the Pacers. The end of the misfortune and the end of the season.

But that was not the story of the Indiana Pacers this season. Not the injuries, not the misfortune, not the bad luck. None of it.

The story of the Indiana Pacers this season is how they overcame. Over and over and over…and over.

And now, it really is over.

But if you look back on this season as anything less than inspiring, you’re seeing it all wrong. And you’re missing the most amazing part.

Because the most amazing part of the Pacers’ season is that they were never really out of it. Until they were.

What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. The Pacers were hurt this season, but they refused to be left for dead. They refused to tank. And they refused to give up.

And that, my friends, is the story of the Indiana Pacers this season.

Now, we look forward. To a new start, a new season, and a new chapter – where they turn the page on the pain, adversity, and challenges and emerge tougher, stronger, and better…

And write the happy ending we’ve been waiting for.

Go Pacers!

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