Reggie Wayne has a special place in the hearts of Colts fans

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne  (Photo: Indianapolis Colts)

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne
(Photo: Indianapolis Colts)

I don’t think people understand how much Colts fans love Reggie Wayne. I mean, really love Reggie Wayne. Don’t get me wrong…we loved Peyton Manning. But we adore Reggie Wayne.

It’s hard to explain. There’s just something about Reggie. I think it has to do with his boyish love of the game, how he skips out onto the field at Lucas Oil Stadium, arms in the air, not only engaging the fans…but taking it in. Taking it all in. Every week. It never gets old for him. And it never gets old for us. And it’s a mutual thing. When the fans show their love, whether it’s cheering or chanting “RE-GGIE! RE-GGIE! RE-GGIE!” they can feel the love coming right back to them.

Reggie Wayne didn’t just embrace Hoosiers, he made himself one of us. He charmed his way into our hearts. And he’ll always have a special place there.

So, when the media makes an issue about Andrew Luck tossing Reggie Wayne a few meaningless passes at the end of a game to keep his NFL record of games with at least three catches alive, that’s fine. That’s their job. But don’t think the fans are going to get all worked up over it.

Coach Chuck Pagano acknowledged it was his call to get Wayne two catches at the end of the Colts-Jaguars game last Sunday. With the Colts up 23-3 and with the clock ticking down…rather than take a knee, Andrew Luck tossed two short passes to Wayne (for a couple of yards). And that was it. Game over. Colts win. Streak alive. Teams do it all the time.

Reggie left the game looking dejected. Maybe he didn’t want the throws. Maybe at the time, he was more disappointed in his performance than he was worried about his record. That would be so Reggie.

But here’s the thing, Chuck Pagano and Reggie Wayne also go way back. Pagano was on the coaching staff at the University of Miami when Wayne played there. And at 36 years old (and after coming back from knee surgery), Pagano knows Reggie Wayne won’t be playing football forever. And he also knows that even if that record didn’t matter to him on Sunday, it probably will someday…and that day may come sooner than he thinks.

Let the reporters debate it. Let them argue amongst themselves.

After 14 seasons, after all the games, after all the love, after all he’s given us, you’re not going to hear a thing from Colts fans about tossing Reggie Wayne a couple of balls for the record books.

At the very least, you’re not going to hear it from this Colts fan.

Re-ggie! Re-ggie! Re-ggie!

Go Colts!!

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