Quarterback Showdown

It was billed as the battle of the draft picks.  Number one, Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts take on number two, Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins at Fed Ex Field.  There was buildup.  There was hype.  There was a t-shirt…

In the end…it was just another preseason game.  Both quarterbacks highlighted their strengths.  Luck threw a lot and ran a little, RGIII threw a little and ran a lot.  Both had moments of brilliance.  Both had rookie mistakes.  The Redskins beat the Colts 30-17.

With all the talk of Luck and RGIII, the most impressive quarterback stats actually came from (wait for it)…Rex Grossman.  Yes, Wrecks Grossman.  The Redskins backup, who has never been able to establish himself as solid starter material (at least for long), was brilliant.  Grossman finished 8 of 8 for 130 yards, 2 touchdowns and a perfect 158.3 quarterback rating.  (Don’t be surprised if he gets traded to the Jets!)

Not so brilliant, the Colts running game.  Add to that, stopping the run.  Sound familiar?  It should.  Both issues have been the achilles heel of this team for a long time.  But it’s still the preseason and that’s what it’s for…learning.  Plus, Jim Irsay’s tweeting panned out with the Colts trade for Cornerback Vontae Davis from the Dolphins on Sunday.  He is a talented player and should help fill that gap on defense immediately.  Or, so we hope.

So who won the “Quarterback Showdown”?  The numbers say Luck, but the outcome says Griffin.  The real showdown, however, is years down the road.  Who will lead their team to the playoffs?  Who will win the conference championship and earn their team a trip to the Superbowl?  Who will raise the Lombardi Trophy?  Who will be named Superbowl MVP and  drive away in the Cadillac headed straight for Disney World?

My money is on Luck.  Hands down.

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