What Paul George’s Injury Means for Paul George

Photo: Stephen R. Sylvanie/USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Stephen R. Sylvanie/USA TODAY Sports

The worst thing about Paul George’s injury is not the horrible image, the reaction of the players, what it means for the Pacers or even Team USA…

The worst thing about Paul George’s injury is what it means for Paul George.

Because Paul George loves basketball.

His family tells stories about the future forward for the Indiana Pacers growing up in Palmdale, California. He spent his early life shooting baskets at the park. Barefoot. His mom had to call him in for dinner, then call him in again after dark.

Later, in high school, his coach would keep the doors to the gym open for him during the summer months from sunrise to sunset.

Paul George loves basketball.

Basketball has always been a part of his life. Basketball is what gets him up in the morning. Basketball is what keeps him going. Basketball has been there for him in good times and bad. Basketball helps him cope.

Now, after suffering a gruesome injury during a Team USA exhibition game in Las Vegas, Paul George won’t be able to play basketball. For months. The one thing that got him through everything is the one thing he has to avoid.

What will get him through, is the support that has poured in from all over the country. And his desire to return to the game he loves. George’s basketball hero is Kobe Bryant, a player known for his own ability to bounce back.

It’s time for Paul George to write a new chapter in his young playing career: The Comeback. And no one who knows anything about him would bet against him.

Paul George didn’t play much organized basketball growing up.

Paul George made the varsity team at Pete Knight High School as a sophomore.

Paul George got a basketball scholarship to Fresno State.

Paul George was drafted by the Indiana Pacers.

Paul George became an NBA All Star.

Paul George was selected to the Team USA player pool.

Paul George loves basketball.

Paul George will be back.

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