Pacers. Heat. Eastern Conference Finals. Again…


Well, well…here we are.

This is what the Pacers wanted.

This is what haunted them during the offseason.

This is what they came back for.

This is what they made this season about.

The team they can always get up for.

The team that keeps them up at night.

The only team in the East they haven’t put to bed.

The team that has put them to bed for two seasons.

The team that’s preparing to put them to bed for three.

The team with sights set on a third consecutive NBA Championship.

This is the team they wanted.

And this is the team they got.

Now, it is all about one team.

The one team they’ve had on their radar all season.

The Pacers.

And the Heat.

In the Eastern Conference Finals.


But this time, they’ve got to change the ending.

This time, it’s time…

To beat.

The Heat.

Go Pacers!

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