Pacers center Lavoy Allen hosts bingo night for fans

The holidays are over. The decorations have long been put away. But Pacers center Lavoy Allen is still giving.

On Thursday night, Allen wrapped up his part of the Pacers’ Season of Giving campaign by hosting a bingo night for fans at the Carriage House Glendale Senior Living Apartments.


Pacers center Lavoy Allen officiates a game of bingo at the Carriage House Senior Living Apartments in Indianapolis

He brought his family, Pacers mascot Boomer, and prizes, including sheets, towels, a foot massager, and a new 32-inch TV.


A relative new-comer, Allen landed in Indianapolis after a Pacers trade with the Philadelphia 76ers last season. He says he’s enjoying the Midwest and the Hoosier hospitality.

“I’ve only been in Indianapolis for almost a year now. Last season I didn’t get to do much, coming in so late. This year, getting out there, connecting with the fans, everybody’s real nice out here.”

Allen says his favorite part of giving back is seeing the smiles on the faces of fans, especially the kids.

“When they come to the games, they don’t really get to connect with us. We’re on the court. We’re working. So, just getting out here, seeing them, connecting with them, I think that’s what they like the most about us.”

It’s what Lavoy Allen says he likes the most about his job.

“Getting out in the community, reaching out to our fans. Our loyal fans. The best fans in the NBA. By far.”


And it looks like he gained a few more this week.

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