Observations from Colts minicamp: “The Monster” is taking shape

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck preparing to pass at Colts minicamp

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck prepares to pass at Colts minicamp

How great is it to see football in June? So great, it’s all I can think about…and now it’s done. Until training camp.

The Colts held their second (and hopefully) annual minicamp and open house at Lucas Oil Stadium on Wednesday. They reported 10,000 fans through the doors over the course of the day. Some played on the field, some got autographs, some picked out their seats for the season, but most came to get a glimpse of our new Colts and quench their craving for football.

Having been to last year’s event, I can tell you there were more people this year and I bet it grows every year. If you couldn’t make it out, plan to attend next year. You won’t regret it.

Here are my observations:

This team is definitely bigger. Noticeably bigger. The offensive line. The defense. Even our General Manager is bigger. Seriously. Ryan Grigson looks like he’s been hitting the weights. I’d put him up against any GM in the league right now.

Adam Vinatieri is not kicking like a 40-year-old, or the oldest player in the NFL. He has a little more salt in his hair this year, but I think we can still call him “Money.” And money well spent.

I forgot how excited I was about Griff Whalen last year, but had a good reminder when I saw him back on the field. He was fast, caught a bunch of passes, and had a touchdown. It was unfortunate to lose him for the season last year (before it even started), but the guy is back and looks ready for his NFL debut.

Speaking of fast, I saw a white blur streak by with the ball and looked at my roster to find out who number 81 was. It was Darrius Heyward-Bey, the wide receiver we picked up from the Raiders. Keep your eye on him, because if you don’t…you’ll miss him.

At one point, Andrew Luck made a pass that was picked off by Greg Toler, the cornerback signed from the Cardinals. Luck was not happy. Toler…was very happy. And wasn’t afraid to show it.

And Toler wasn’t the only guy giving Luck headaches, LaRon Landry is everything that has been said about him…athletic, cut, muscles everywhere, and everywhere on the field. He certainly made Luck flinch a few times. And will probably make a habit of it.

It’s so obvious that I almost didn’t mention it, but the Andrew Luck to Reggie Wayne touchdown pass is starting to look very natural. Too natural if you’re a Colts opponent.

There was an Ahmad Bradshaw sighting. He was in a boot, signing autographs. I don’t care what’s on his foot. I’m just happy it walked through the door.

When the Colts say “Build the Monster,” the monster should really be wearing Robert Mathis’ helmet. Between the grill and the dark tinted shield, that thing is scary. Makes him look like Darth Vader. I think we should call him Lord Mathis.

"Lord Mathis" (Photo: Colts)

“Lord Mathis” (Photo: Colts)

There was only one thing during Colts minicamp that made me sad…no Dwight Freeney.

But I was immediately cheered up by Robert Mathis’ twin boys running around the field after practice. Future linebackers. The new “bookends,” but instead of Freeney and Mathis, it’ll be Mathis and Mathis. Can you imagine the nightmares they’ll give Marshall Manning? That is, unless they’re on the same team. Which, of course, they will be.

Linebacker Robert Mathis and his daughter with his twin boys

Linebacker Robert Mathis and his daughter with his twin boys

Little monsters in the making…

The future is bright. So bright, I need to wear Mathis’ helmet.

See you at training camp!

Counting the days…


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