My Letter: Dear Jerry Hughes

Former Colts LB Jerry Hughes with Jim Caldwell and Bill Polian in 2010. (Photo: AP/Darron Cummings)

Former Colts LB Jerry Hughes with Coach Jim Caldwell and GM Bill Polian. 
(Photo: AP/Darron Cummings)

Dear Jerry Hughes,

I heard that some NFL players were critical of the sentence handed down by Commissioner Roger Goodell to Colts owner Jim Irsay. That didn’t particularly surprise me. What did surprise me however, was reading a comment by Jerry Hughes, likening the punishment to a slap on the wrist.

“I’ll just let the numbers speak for themselves. I mean, he’s a billionaire, so I’m pretty sure [$500,000] won’t hurt too badly.” -Former Colts linebacker Jerry Hughes on Jim Irsay

I thought to myself, Jerry Hughes? The first round pick by the Colts in the 2010 NFL Draft? The one who recorded just six tackles his rookie year? The one who doubled that number his sophomore year, with a whopping 13 tackles (in 12 games)? And was good for about two tackles a game his third year? The one who collected a reported $7 million dollars from the Colts, which comes out to about $140,000 per tackle (I’m bad at math, so check my numbers). The guy who could go down as the biggest first round bust by the Colts in draft history. The dude who was arrested himself for public intoxication in 2011. And the player the Colts finally traded to the Buffalo Bills at the beginning of the 2013 season, only for him to somehow get it together once he got there…

I was shocked that Jerry Hughes (THAT Jerry Hughes) would have the nerve to say anything about the Colts and specifically about the guy who signed his paychecks for the first three unproductive years of his NFL career.

After all we went through with you, you’d think Colts fans would have been bitter when you found success in Buffalo. But, we weren’t. We were happy for you. If it didn’t work out here, we were just glad it worked out for you somewhere. Because that’s how we are.

Colts Nation is a family. We have a saying, “Once a Colt, always a Colt.” We continue to support our former players, even after they move on.

Unless they’re playing against us. Or, unless they turn against us. Like you did.

You crossed us, Jerry. And now you’re out of the family.

I hope you continue to find success in Buffalo.

And I hope you freeze your ass off while doing it.


The Blue Mare

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