Look who’s building the monster now…

Pacers Guard/Small Forward Paul George

Pacers Guard/Small Forward Paul George (Pacers)

Colts fans…the storybook season is over. No more playoff games. No fairy tale ending. No more Colts Sundays. The good news…there’s another monster in the making. It’s our young, talented NBA team and like the Colts, their potential is exciting and endless. And…they’re right down the road at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

Colts fans, meet your Indiana Pacers. Fresh off a newly signed contract, Coach Frank Vogel and his team hosted the Miami Heat on Tuesday night. The Pacers not only beat the Heat…they held them to a season low 77 points.

It’s been a long rebuilding process for the Pacers, who said a tearful goodbye to Reggie Miller in 2005, and were then forced to dismiss other talent when off the court antics dominated the headlines.

But, that’s all behind them now. And Reggie Miller isn’t walking through that door anytime soon (actually he is on Thursday, but as a broadcaster). But Paul George shows up often…and he’s every bit the star in the making! George has not only become a man during Danny Granger’s absence this season, he’s become THE man! The Pacers small forward looked like an All Star while playing several. He got on a hot streak and scored 29 points, all while defending the best player in the NBA. George spent the offseason training with LeBron James, then schooled him on the floor the first opportunity he got.

Lance Stephenson and Roy Hibbert had some great plays as well. And David West did what he does best…went about his game quietly, but with intensity, and made the shots his team needed him to make.

The Pacers won 87-77 and without star forward Danny Granger, who is still recovering from knee surgery and George Hill, who was nursing a shoulder issue and the flu.

There is one area where the Heat have improved since the last time the teams met (during the 2012 playoffs)…they have really reduced their flopping. In fact, I only witnessed one attempted flop on the part of Chris Bosh. Credit to Coach Vogel and the new NBA flopping rules, which can now impose a fine for such theatrics. Nice to watch a game and not see giant grown men whining (during the game at least).

Yes, the future for the Indiana Pacers is bright. So jump on the bandwagon, fans…and buckle up. It’s going to be quite a ride to the end of the season.

And don’t forget your shades.


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