Letter to Ray Lewis from a Colts fan

Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis is Retiring

Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis is Retiring

Dear Big Ray,

I was very sad to hear about your retirement today. You see, I am not only a Colts fan, but an NFL fan as well. You have been one of my favorite players to watch over the years. I find you both motivational and inspirational and think you’re…sensational.

I guess your retirement will come after the playoffs, huh? Well, I just want to tell you that you have nothing left to prove in the NFL. Not to your team, your fans, not anyone. I heard you say there’s nothing stopping you from playing on Sunday. Against my Colts. And you should…totally. Play, that is.

I know there’s some history between the Colts and Ravens. Like…the fact that we stole the team from them. I’m sure that caused a lot of heartache. Kind of like what Cleveland fans went through when their team moved to…where was that again…Baltimore?! Not the same? Okay. Whatever you say. I wasn’t even a Colts fan then. I am from Minnesota though and I remember when the North Stars left. Just saying.

The Colts had their own heartbreak last year, if you remember. Curtis Painter? Yes, I know he was your teammate for a while, so you get it. Peyton Manning leaving…was gut wrenching. But we’ve got a new quarterback now, Andrew Luck. And I don’t know if he was even alive when the Colts left Baltimore. He’s a really nice guy though. Very humble. You’d really like him. And I’ve heard he’s a big fan of yours! You should totally introduce yourself before the game. And when you see him on the field, give him a little smile. You don’t have to look so mean all the time. That can be really intimidating.

And then there’s our coach, Chuck Pagano. Yes, I know we stole him from Baltimore too. We didn’t mean to though. It just sort of…happened. In fact, had you guys gone to the Superbowl, we probably would have ended up hiring someone else. But…Let’s. Not. Go. There.

Anyway, Chuck had cancer this season. He rallied back with the support of the team, our fans, and the entire NFL, including you and your teammates. He speaks so highly of you guys. He really loves you all and I know you love him too. And he’s really looking forward to seeing you guys. On Sunday. In Baltimore. For the playoffs.

So, anyhow…I’ll be watching this weekend. And just remember…don’t overdo it. Nothing to prove. You’re golden. Or bronze. In the Hall of Fame. All you need to do is wait for your invite and pose for your bust.

All the best in retirement. We’ll never forget you!




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