Jeff Saturday: “I’m back in blue.” For good.

Colts Owner Jim Irsay with Jeff Saturday
(Photo: Colts)

Colts fans didn’t get the happy ending they were hoping for on March 7, 2012. But one year later…they did.

On March 7, 2013 Jeff Saturday signed a one day contract to return to the Colts, then retired a Colt. His career with the team will continue as an ambassador for the organization in media and community relations.

Unlike the Peyton Manning press conference of one year ago, the only tears shed during Jeff Saturday’s were tears of joy.

“(He’s) an individual who literally took this town and this state over with his integrity, with his love for the community, with his performance on the field, just an absolutely incredible individual.” -Colts Owner Jim Irsay

Saturday left the Colts to play for the Green Bay Packers for one season. He said it was an experience that helped him realize what he had in Indianapolis.

“I mean, this is my home. This is what we’ve supported for so many years. I was known, no matter what team I was playing for, as a Colt. So it’s good to put that horseshoe on and go out that way.” -Jeff Saturday

As a center for the Indianapolis Colts for 13 years, Jeff Saturday famously made his living with Peyton Manning’s hands under his rear. And Peyton calling the plays. Now, he’s ready to make his own calls. And he sees his on-field retirement as a beginning, not an end.

“It’s incredible. This train is just starting to get rolling. I’m excited to keep on the journey and keep rolling as a Colt.” -Jeff Saturday

Saturday will soon join teammates Marvin Harrison and Edgerrin James in the Ring of Honor.

A Colt again. And a Colt forever.

Now that’s a happy ending.

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  1. Troy says:

    Just hope we can see this in a few years with Peyton. I do wonder if Peyton still feels hurt by Irsay cutting him. Especially considering he came back and played as well as he did. I also wonder if he will give that little bit extra when he comes to LOS next year just to show Irsay that he can still play at a HOF level.

    • Heather Lloyd says:

      I think we’re all hoping for that. Hopefully time can heal all with Peyton and Irsay. In the meantime, I absolutely expect Peyton to be at the top of his game here! I feel sick thinking about it. Can’t imagine how he feels.

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