It’s Time To Embrace The Philip Rivers Era

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On Thursday night, the Colts beat the Tennessee Titans and took control of the AFC South. 

During the game, Philip Rivers was remarkable – passing for over 300 yards and one touchdown. But in the course of that, Rivers did something even more remarkable – he passed Dan Marino’s 61,361 yards to move into fifth place for total passing yards in the NFL – taking his place behind Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Brett Favre.

These are legends of the game and the longer he plays, the more Rivers establishes himself as such. 

Colts fans are accustomed to seeing greatness at quarterback – so much so, I think we sometimes take it for granted. 

Watching Peyton Manning’s 14-year career followed by Andrew Luck’s seven years (or slightly less due to injury), we were the envy of the NFL. 

But as Peyton said, nothing lasts forever.

It’s not easy to move on and let go of the past, especially years as special as those.

But last night, watching Philip Rivers move into the top five in NFL history got me thinking. 

Every team wants a franchise quarterback –  a guy to grow with, build around, become the face of the team and if you’re lucky, the face of the league.

But until you find Mr. Right, you have to find Mr. Right Now. 

For the Colts, Mr. Right Now is Philip Rivers.

Rivers is a brilliant quarterback, a passionate leader, and a tireless competitor.

More importantly, he’s all in. 

Philip Rivers wants to be in Indianapolis and wants to be a Colt. 

He’s going to give everything he has to his team and its fans. 

And it’s time we show him the same level of commitment. 

Because some day, he’s going to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He’s going to talk about how special it was to be able to continue to play the game he loves in Indianapolis. And we’re going to look back on it  and think it was pretty special too. 

It’s easy to get caught up in who the next quarterback will be. 

It’s easy to compare your current quarterback to the last one.

Andrew Luck was no Peyton Manning. 

Philip Rivers is no Andrew Luck. 

But Philip Rivers has something Andrew Luck did not (at least at the end of his career) – a burning desire to play football, chase greatness, and leave a legacy in the game he loves.

Colts fans, let’s close that door. 

Andrew Luck isn’t walking through it anyway.

Let’s embrace Philip Rivers for who he is – the right guy for this team right now. 

Let’s get behind him. 

Let’s go on a run. 

Let’s enjoy every minute of this era of Colts football… 

Because when it’s over, I guarantee you we’ll look back on it as special.    

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