Is Indianapolis Breeding Sports-Crazed Stepford Wives?

The Colts Blue Ladies Group  (Photo: Matt Bowen/Colts)

The Colts Blue Ladies Group
(Photo: Matt Bowen/Colts)

I knew it! I’ve been saying this forever. And by forever, I mean…at least five years.

I’m just glad some numbers-loving nerds finally gave me some data to back it up. This time, it’s the people at Scarborough Research, as referenced by the story in Indianapolis Business Journal.

Basically what they’re telling us, is that Indianapolis is a hot spot for female sports fans. I know that. And I can tell you why from personal experience.

I moved to Indianapolis in 2004, a sports fan, but a normal woman in every other sense of the word. I loved my family, friends, fashion, an occasional cocktail (or three), and bordered a little lot on the high maintenance side. Saks Fifth Avenue was my happy place. And I also loved football.

Over the next decade, with the help of the Colts and Peyton Manning, that love would turn into a full-blown obsession. Today, I have two sports blogs and football basically runs my life. I also picked up a somewhat unhealthy relationship with basketball (something I had never seen in Minnesota because…hockey). And the first time I saw an IndyCar go around the track at the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, I was also smitten.

Yes, I am still a little high maintenance (some may say a lot). And Saks is still my happy place (second only to Lucas Oil Stadium).

So, what is it about Indianapolis? Is Monument Circle some kind of sports vortex that takes normal women like me I was and turns them into adrenaline-loving sports junkies? Kind of like The Stepford Wives…only their polar opposite? To be honest, I could use a Stepford wife. Because, you know those women? Who make all that food on game day? Well, we don’t have one of those. And we could really use one. Or, maybe it’s a sister wife I need.

Regardless, every city has its thing. In Indianapolis, that thing has always been sports-related, starting with the Indy 500. As I was sorting through pictures from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for my blog series The Look of the 500, I found photos of Indianapolis women as far back as 1911 cheering on drivers in the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

We’re surrounded by colleges playing competitive football and basketball (some years more competitive than others).

The Pacers, during the Reggie Miller era, were the center of the Indianapolis world for years. And they worked their way back there under head coach Frank Vogel.

And the Colts, well…the Colts have some of the most passionate and faithful female fans in the NFL. They call themselves the Blue Ladies and yes, I count myself as one of them.

Indianapolis is also home to the NCAA headquarters and is always playing host to major sporting events like the Big Ten Championship Game, the NCAA Basketball Tournament, and of course, the granddaddy of them all…the Super Bowl.

It’s part of life here. It’s what we talk about. It’s our culture. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Do I think the Georges, the Simons, and the Irsays have conspired to suck the brains out of normal women and replace them with sports-crazed fan babes? I don’t. And truthfully, even if they did…I’m happier this way anyway.

Then again, that’s exactly what a Stepford wife would say…

Go Colts! Go Pacers! Go Indy!

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