Grigson shops til he drops

General Manager Ryan Grigson (Photo: Colts)

General Manager Ryan Grigson
(Photo: Colts)

Last Tuesday was like Black Friday in the NFL, and Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson went shopping. As we all know, shopping is a lot more fun when you have money to spend…and this year, Grigson was loaded. So, how did he make out? Overall, quite well.

Grigson acquired some solid players to fill big needs on the Colts roster: linebacker Erik Walden, tackle Gosder Cherilus, defensive end Lawrence Sidbury, cornerback Greg Toler, guard Donald Thomas, safety LaRon Landry, and defensive tackle Ricky Jean Francois.

We’re not talking big labels and brand names. But they weren’t necessarily bargains either. I like what Grigson did. He’s building this team from the ground up. And paying good money for players who are on their way up…rather than overpaying for top talent only to realize their best days are behind them.

Some fans were critical of the lack of star power, some of which may have been precipitated by Colts owner Jim Irsay’s exclamation-point-laden tweets.

I took that to mean the Colts landed the players they set out to sign. Free agency has typically been a quiet time in the Colts offseasons of past. So personally, I was just happy to see some action.

Is Grigson done? We’ll see. Over the weekend, Irsay hinted at another potential deal. This one with a big name.


Ryan Grigson may still have a Louis Vuitton or Christian Dior up his sleeve. We don’t necessarily need a designer label, but as any great shopper can tell you…want and need are two different things.

Impressed as I am with his practicality thus far, if Grigson wants to splurge and hand me something shiny in a little blue box…I’m sure going to take it.

I may be satisfied…but I’m not stupid.


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