A golden age for Indianapolis sports?

Indianapolis sports fans are thanking their lucky stars.

It finally happened.

The stars have aligned over Indianapolis.

The Sports Capital of the World is currently dominating the NFL and NBA with two tough, young teams with very bright futures. And led by young stars whose futures are just as bright.

Devastating injuries aside, the Colts just keep finding new ways to win. Led by sophomore quarterback Andrew Luck and his supporting cast: T.Y. Hilton, Coby Fleener, Donald Brown, and a bolstered defense, the Colts have knocked off two unbeaten teams so far this season (the Seahawks and the Broncos) and may get a crack at the last one (the Chiefs) next month.

This is a “no excuses” team, who has not only bought into the “next man up” philosophy…they’ve embraced it. They believe in themselves. And they plan to ride that belief deep into the playoffs. And don’t tell this group the Super Bowl isn’t within reach. On second thought…do. Because they’ve become experts at proving the doubters wrong.

And then, there are our Pacers…who after four games, are currently the only undefeated team in the NBA. Paul George, whose coming of age story we told last season, has only built upon his athleticism and confidence. He is a bona fide star now, with a contract to match. And he’s playing like one. George also has a supporting cast of characters (and characters they are): Lance Stephenson (who is poised for a breakout season of his own), Roy Hibbert (what early season slump), and the always reliable David West (I won’t call him old reliable, because he’s not that old). Along with hometown boy George Hill and a much improved bench, the sky is the limit for the Pacers this season.

Many so-called experts have picked the Pacers to win it all. And why not? They’ve advanced one step in the playoffs every season since Frank Vogel took over as head coach. And this year, that puts them…in the NBA finals.

Yes, Indianapolis sports fans are fortunate. We have Luck. We have PG (the PaulStar). But more than that, we have two great teams. Made up of good guys. And led by great men. Men who are great role models…not only for their players, but for all of our young people.

We should be thanking our lucky stars. Because the next several months (and years) look to be packed with drama, excitement, and epic story lines in Indianapolis sports.

It comes just once in a blue moon. So, enjoy it…every minute of it.

By cheering for our boys in blue. And white. And gold.

For what could be a golden age in Indianapolis sports.

Go Colts! Go Pacers!

And…go Indy!


  1. Troy says:

    Indy is a great sports town. Gracious and enthusiastic fans who are fiercely loyal to their teams. All my sports experiences in the state of Indiana have been terrific. I’d like to think that a certain gentleman from New Orleans played a big part in helping Indy turn into the sports town it is 😉

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