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The Colts Superfan

I must admit, I am taking some pleasure in hearing the sports writers and media types suddenly gushing about our Indianapolis Colts this week.  The same people who called them terrible, said they lacked talent, ranked them 32nd (out of 32 teams) at the start of the season.

Suddenly, they are smart, physical, ahead of schedule, and in the hunt for the playoffs.  Like one road win against a sub par team changed everything…overnight.  We fans know better than that.

What really changed between week seven and week eight?  Nothing.  Our players got a little more practice in, a little more experience, and had a little more time to work out the kinks.  The same thing that will happen every week from now until the end of the season.

That’s all this group needs…time.  With time they will continue to improve, overcome adversity, and reveal their true character.  Just what we fans expected all along.  Will there be bumps in the road?  Absolutely.  Will they regress some weeks?  Of course.  But in the big picture, they will gradually and simultaneously grow as individuals and as a team.

Let the sports media world overreact, overcorrect, jump on and off the Colts bandwagon.  Hype or no hype, we fans will be here.  Supporting our team.  As always.

Most sports reporters will tell you they can’t stand fans.  They’re too emotional, too knee jerk, too irrational.

Well, I just have one question…

Who’s crazy now?

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  1. MarcusDugan says:

    That’s a really good point. The national media, many of whom spend more time looking at stats than games tend to be more knee-jerk than they’d prefer to admit.
    It goes to show what a difference a quality quarterback can make. I’m so glad we’ve gotten to watch such quality football so far this year. Go Colts 🙂

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