Everyone Deserves a Safe Home

Imagine fleeing your home with only the clothes you have on, holding the hands of your children and little else, leaving everything you know behind…and with no idea where you’re going.

These aren’t refugees fleeing dictatorship regimes. These are women and children right here in Indianapolis escaping abusive relationships, in search of a safe haven — a place to exhale, a place to call home.

I’m happy to be partnering with Coburn Place to help women and children get the fresh start they desire and deserve. To hear more about this organization and get an offseason update on the Colts, I hope you’ll join me for the Blue Breakfast at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center on April 2nd.

Written by the Coburn Place team for the Blue Mare:


Coburn Place Safe Haven

As we watched nine-year-old “Sam” walk down the halls of Coburn Place for the last time, he traced his fingers along the bricks in the wall. He stopped every few feet and cried. “I don’t want to leave. This is my home.”

For two years, Coburn Place has been Sam’s home, his safe haven. He played here, grew here, and healed here. He raced down these halls to homework help, therapy and art classes. We’ve seen him touch those same bricks countless times on his way to catch the school bus or to come back home at the end of his day.

Sam’s mom, “Alessandra”, faced many challenges. In addition to the abuse, language has been a barrier. Her English has improved, but she still struggles. And Sam is a special needs child. His behavioral issues were made worse by the abuse he witnessed.

To deal with any of these issues alone would have been overwhelming. Can you imagine trying to deal with all three and not have a home?

Fortunately, Alessandra didn’t have to. Because of Coburn Place supporters, they had a fully-furnished apartment to call home – just like this one.


Coburn Place Apartment

With a safe place to live and a whole team of professional, caring advocates behind them, they were able to rebuild their lives and move forward.

We said good-bye to Sam and Alessandra with both tears in our eyes and joy in our hearts. It’s always bittersweet when a family moves, even when it’s to a safe, permanent home like theirs.

But we know they will succeed, because our supporters gave them a brave new future. Very soon a new family will move into their Coburn Place apartment. They deserve the same chance at a new life.

Find out more about donating and see what your dollars can do by checking out the Coburn Place website.

Hope to see you at Blue Breakfast on April 2nd!

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