ESPN takes Heat over bumping Pacers

Pacers starters Paul George and David West (Photo: Shamus/Getty)

Pacers starters Paul George and David West
(Photo: Shamus/Getty)

How much does America love the Miami Heat? Enough to watch LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and company sit on the bench? In prime time? Against the worst team in the NBA?

I don’t think so either.

Meanwhile…two young and talented teams, among the best in the league, play in a game that could still have playoff implications for both.

That is the game you were originally scheduled to see in the nationally televised prime time spot on Friday night. The Indiana Pacers versus the Oklahoma City Thunder. But ESPN chose to bump that game when the Heat got on a winning streak which lasted for 27 games.

The Chicago Bulls did all of us a favor and ended that streak last week. And now, the Heat are resting their starters for the playoffs. On Friday night, they play the Charlotte Bobcats, arguably the worst team in the NBA. And that is the game you will now see Friday night.

No, the Pacers don’t have LeBron James. But they do have All Stars Paul George and Roy Hibbert. And David West, who should be an All Star. And Lance Stephenson, and well…you just never know what Lance is going to do. And the best part…they’re actually playing!

A missed opportunity to show America another tough NBA playoff team, now on a roll of its own. The Pacers have won five in a row and just came off a four game sweep of the West, which puts them at .500 on the road.

If this was the NFL, Friday night’s game would have been flexed back by now. But ESPN is standing by its decision.

It’s certainly a call they’ll take some heat for. While the Heat take a seat.

That’s fine. We’ll just watch the Pacers on Fox Sports Indiana. And I hope everyone else watches baseball. Or wrestling. Or the Real Housewives of somewhere.


  1. Pete Ehrman says:

    I am the biggest Pacer fan in the country and I live in Florida,in the begining of this season ESPN would show highlights and scores of all 32 teams in the NBA but leave the Pacers highlight out. They wouldn’t even egnolege that the Pacers even played a game. We played the Heat three times this year and manhandled twice. Why does ESPN show prejudice?

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