Dear Pacers, Do You Remember?

Dear Pacers,

Do you remember…

The empty seats at Bankers Life Fieldhouse?

The sea of green when the Celtics came to town?

More ketchup than mustard when the Bulls played in Indy?

The loud cheers when LeBron James would dunk in your house?

The long road back?

Taking it one game at a time?

Winning the hearts of Hoosiers?

Selling out games?

Blue collar, smash-mouth basketball?

Team Vogel?

Making GoldSwagger a thing?



Believing in yourselves and your teammates?

Having something to prove?

Passion Pride Pacers?

Hicks vs. Knicks?

Beat the Heat?

Built not bought?

Making the playoffs?

Winning the division?

Playing in the Eastern Conference Finals?

Home court advantage?

Beasts of the East?

The number one seed?



How you loved each other?

How that made us love you even more?

That in 49 states, it’s just basketball…but, this is Indiana?

Because, we do.


The Fans


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