Dear Andrew Luck,

Photo: Matt Bowen/Colts

Dear Andrew Luck, 

I hope you know that watching you play at Stanford your senior year got me through that 2-14 Colts season. To me, you were a Colt before you ever put on the uniform. 

I hope you know that the day you walked through the door, I knew everything was going to get better. 

I hope you know that embracing you healed my heart after the Peyton Manning breakup – something I didn’t think was possible at the time. 

I hope you know that when Peyton returned as a Bronco and you led the Colts to a win, you also won the city.

I hope you know that watching you be unapologetically yourself only made us love you more. 

I hope you know that I was your teammate off the field – I always had your back, I always defended you, and I always took up for you.  

I hope you know that even from my seat, I was trying to protect you on game day. 

I hope you know how proud I always was to call you my quarterback.

I hope you know that watching you light up the faces of sick children brought just as much joy to me as it did to them. 

I hope you know that seeing you hurt, struggling, and sad stole some of my happiness as well.  

I hope you know that the people who booed when you left the field at Lucas Oil Stadium for the last time don’t represent the majority of Colts fans.

I hope you know that the future success of this team is something you helped build. 

I hope you know that the legacy you leave behind is so much bigger than football.

I hope you know that the best thing you can do for us now is to move on, live your life, and be happy.

I hope you know that no matter where you go and no matter what you do, I’ll be cheering for you – and not just on Sundays.

I hope Indianapolis is always your home. And even if it’s not, I hope it always feels like home.

Thanks for the memories, Andrew. 

I wish you love, luck, and happiness in the next chapter of life.  


  1. Sheri W says:

    I love to see your writings. This by far is so great. Thank for writing. I always enjoy seeing you at our Blue Ladies event

  2. Brenda Savis says:

    Beautifully stated, Heather! You most definitely speak for the majority of Colts fans, and definitely for Matt and me! Thank you for this heartfelt message to Andrew on behalf of his fans!

    Matt and Benda Davis
    Fort Myers, FL

  3. Fernando Mancisidor says:

    Andrew, I hope you know that you also touched the heart of people in other countries, and that will miss you on the field.
    Best of Lucks!

  4. Suzi says:

    Thank you, Heather. You are so right… not ALL Colts fans were booing. I was actually home crying bc I know the pain of giving up a great dream far too soon. But just like I became a better wife and mother in early retirement, Andrew now has a chance to be a present husband and father when the time comes. I hope he will keep his book club going.

    God bless you, Andrew!

    Go Colts!

  5. Paula Abbott says:

    I couldn’t sleep after I heard the news and thought if I could say anything to make you feel better I would, but after reading this I know you must realize there are many of us who just want the best for you. You are a very talented quarterback and a great person!

  6. Maryellen Nelson says:

    Thank you Heather! That was a beautiful sentiment all around and I believe you speak for so many fans. He has put his body, heart and soul into being a football player and representative of the Colts family his whole career and he deserves our respect, support and admiration.

  7. Peggy Flatford says:

    Andrew you will always be loved and missed Please pay no attention to the people who stabbed you in the back as you stepped down cause trust me you have way more fans than people who got mad cause you stepped down for the right reasons, always family and health first!❤️ I respect and admire you for your decision. You will always be a Colt and thank you for being our Quarterback! Prayers for your health and your family We love you Andrew❤️

  8. Cheryl and Greg Cecil says:

    This love letter was written by Heather, but I believe she captured what was in all of our hearts as Colts fans. My husband and I can identify with every single thing she has said. So glad you wrote this, Heather. I hope and pray Andrew feels all of the love we have for him, and that he will forever be in our hearts, just like Peyton. We were so blessed❤️

  9. Peggy Flatford says:

    Andrew thank you for your time as our Quarterback! Know that you are loved and will always be remembered as a huge part of our team. I admire you for stepping down because health and family first. I’m sending prayers for you to get better and get ready for your 1st child, good luck Nicole with your pregnancy Andrew don’t worry about any lame Colts fans that booed you cause there are more fans who loved you and I’m one of them! You rock Andrew!!!!!❤️

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