Dear Andrew Luck, This is not about you…

Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning at the 2013 Pro Bowl (Photo: Terada/USA Today)

Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning at the 2013 Pro Bowl
(Photo: Terada/USA Today)

Dear Andrew Luck,

Well, well…here we are. Week seven. We’ve been looking forward to the Sunday Night Football game against the Denver Broncos with dread. ExcitementDreadExcitement. Let’s just call it anticipation.

Now, it’s here…

And I want to apologize for what is about to take place.

This is not about you. You are the best thing that happened to this franchise since…Peyton Manning. Watching you play at Stanford your senior year got me through that God awful 2-14 season and gave me hope. And I know many Colts fans will say the same.

The way things worked out…Peyton missing the season the year you were entering the draft, the Colts getting the number one pick, that a quarterback named Luck was drafted by a team with a horseshoe as its symbol…it all had a feeling of fate to it.

I wouldn’t change one thing that brought you here as our quarterback.

And once you were here, you not only filled the position (and overachieved doing it), but you filled our hearts. With pride. And renewed love for our team. No one could have done a better job of stepping into the huge, empty void left by Peyton Manning in Indy.

This week, Peyton is coming back to Indianapolis to play the Colts as a Bronco. And Colts fans like me are an emotional wreck. Not because we miss Peyton Manning and want him back, but because we never had a chance to say goodbye. Colts fans can finally get that closure on Sunday night.

When Peyton Manning runs onto the field at Lucas Oil Stadium…I will stand up and cheer for him, just like the old times. I’ll reflect back on what we accomplished together, shed some tears, then wipe them away.

And cheer for my Colts.

Because it is possible to move on while appreciating history. To embrace the present, while recognizing the past. And to feel lucky to be where you are, while grateful for what brought you there.

And this week, Colts fans will do all of those things.

You are our quarterback.

This is your team.

We are excited to move on with you…

Right after we say goodbye to someone else.

Go Colts!

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