Colts win Sunday. Lose Monday.

Colts safety LaRon Landry (Photo: Muscle Pharm)

Colts safety LaRon Landry (Photo: Muscle Pharm)

How quickly life changes in the NFL.

On Sunday, the Colts followed up a win against Jacksonville with another decisive victory over the Tennessee Titans. In the last two weeks, the Colts have gone from 0-2 to 2-2 and 2-0 in the AFC South. Back to zero. A new start to the season…

Monday morning, I opened up my calendar and saw this:


Only…he’s not. Now healing from a torn Achilles tendon, the earliest Robert Mathis will be back is next season. Bummer.

Later, I was trying to clean out my closet and was repeatedly interrupted by breaking Colts news. By Monday afternoon, we were down two more players. Safety LaRon Landry is out for four games and practice squad receiver Da’Rick Rogers for, well…forever.

Football is a game of yards. But it’s also a game of humans. And sometimes humans are just so…human.

I’m all about second chances and so are the Colts. But like Chris Rainey (dismissed during training camp for buffoonery), Da’Rick Rogers came in with two strikes against him and knew full well he had no room for error on or off the field. He pushed his luck in the preseason, when he scored a touchdown and kicked the ball for a 15-yard penalty. Follow that up with a DUI, and he made it too easy for the Colts to drop the short leash he was on and set him free. Free to make his own decisions. Good or bad. But I hope he goes with good. If not, that’s an awful lot of regret to handle some day.

And LaRon Landry would appear to be one of the first players nabbed by the NFL’s new and improved drug policy (which now includes testing for steroids and human growth hormone). One would assume that the NFL would “randomly” select players for testing who look like the Incredible Hulk, so…this is hardly surprising. But certainly disappointing.

If I’m Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson, I send Landry the dreaded text message: “We need to talk.”

And that talk goes something like this…

“You haven’t done anything for the Colts outside of what’s required. Which is fine. If you’re performing up to expectations. But, you really haven’t been. And now, you’ve violated something that is required, which is keeping your body clean of banned substances. We have a lot invested in you, LaRon. Tell me, why should we keep you around? Do you want to be here? Your actions don’t say “team player.” And you’re not really looking like a “horseshoe guy.”

If Mr. Landry wants to go rep supplements, have at it. I doubt anyone will pay him $3 million a year to do it though. And it seems the company he’s been representing has already dropped him (at least from their website). LaRon Landry should spend the next four weeks thinking about what he really wants to do. If he wants to play football for the Colts, great! But come back fully committed. A team player. All in. Or…go be a body builder. Or a superhero.

I still want LaRon Landry. But only if the feeling is mutual.

Don’t tell me, LaRon…show me.

And now, I’m going back to cleaning my closet. Please don’t interrupt me again.

Go Colts!

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