Colts week four: Finally…a relaxing Sunday!

MVPs of the game: The Colts Defense and specifically cornerback Darius Butler.  (Photo: Colts)

MVPs: The Colts defense and specifically cornerback Darius Butler.
(Photo: Colts)

I wouldn’t say I was worried about the Jaguars. But, then again…maybe I was.

I’ve just seen too many games where the Colts head down to Jacksonville the easy favorites…only to leave covered in Maurice Jones Drew’s footprints. And speaking of MJD…where was he?

The Colts defense all but erased the Jaguars’ best offensive weapon (aside from kicker Josh Scobee). And forced quarterback Blaine Gabbert to take to the air. And well…he played right into their hands. Literally.

Let’s just say this…Blaine Gabbert can play for the Colts, against the Colts…all day long. Because, that’s basically what he did. And by the way, Blaine…Darius Butler is wide open. Again. Hit him!

I won’t give all the credit for the Colts win to Gabbert and the defense though. After a rather shaky start, the Colts offense got going. And once they did, the only thing that could stop them were the officials.

Reggie Wayne had three fantastic catches (two in the end zone) called off for various reasons, but Andrew Luck kept going to him…and bingo! The fourth time proved to be a charm.

And Donald Brown! Or, as I now like to call him…The Donald. I think my stepson would call him “The Boss.” Brown ran like the old Donald Brown. The one we were excited about. And it was fun to see him return to that guy. Because, I really like that guy!

Donald Brown gets The Blue Mare’s Comeback Player of the Week Award. He’s such a hard worker. Such a classy guy. I love to see him contribute to this team, because quite honestly…I love to see him represent this team. Hope to see more from The Donald.

And honorable mention for Comeback Player of the Week goes to Colts backup quarterback, Matt Hasselbeck. It was nice to see Hasselbeck on the field. You know he’s a great addition to the team. The players say so. The coaches say so. But it was nice to actually see it. It’s also nice to have a backup quarterback who can go in and not just maintain a lead, but add to it. That’s a luxury this team has seldom never had. Hope to see the Colts in a position to “Free Hasselbeck” more often. As long as that’s the situation.

It was nice to have a comfortable lead. It was nice to watch a Colts game without being a nervous wreck for three hours. And it was nice to play a division game that didn’t come down to a last second field goal attempt.

The game plan for this week? The Colts won’t have Blaine Gabbert to help them out. But, with Darius Butler, Reggie Wayne, The Donald, and an occasional appearance by Hasselbeck…I think they’ll be just fine.

Go Colts!

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