Colts week five: On the radar

Step aside Paris and Nikki, for the next Hilton star...T.Y.  (Photo: AP/Brent Smith)

Step aside Paris and Nicky, for the next big Hilton star…T.Y.
(Photo: AP/Brent Smith)

Get ready for the hype, because…it’s coming.

The Colts have been flying under the radar so far this season. But beating teams like the 49ers and now the Seahawks…will put them on the map. In New York. In February.

The first quarter would have put them somewhere else on the map. Like…the Bahamas. Watching Super Bowl XLVIII on TV.

I’m getting used to the slow starts. I was used to them with Peyton Manning. I’m getting used to them with Andrew Luck. But I have to be honest, when the Colts got down 12-0 to the Seahawks…I was starting to think it was going to be a long day.

But, as they always do…the Colts had one play that turned it around. This time, it was a 73-yard touchdown pass to T.Y. Hilton. And it set the tone for the rest of the game. Apparently ticked off about being called “light” by Brandon Browner of the Seahawks, Hilton had something to prove. And he proved it…over. And over. And over. And I’m guessing he was awarded a game ball for it.

For the record, I will never be insulted by someone calling me light.

If I’m Coach Pagano, I make sure someone takes a swipe at T.Y. Hilton’s size every game. It’s not like he needs that motivation to be great. We’ve seen glimpses of brilliance from Hilton all along. We knew he had it in him. But, thanks to a Seahawks cornerback, we got a sneak peek at the Colts’ future star receiver on Sunday. And it was everything we expected. And more.

We’re still hoping to see more from Trent Richardson, but he also had some breakout runs that hinted of future dominance. For now, his short bursts, coupled with some good runs from Donald Brown (including a touchdown), is enough to get the job done. Especially against a defense like Seattle.

And slowing Russell Wilson down was no easy task for the defense. I couldn’t help but think about Laron Landry. And how fun it would have been to see him stalking, and then hunting down Wilson from across the field…like a bloodhound. Actually, more like a Rottweiler.

I don’t want to be chased by a Rottweiler. And I don’t want to be chased by Laron Landry. Especially if I’m playing in a different colored jersey. Maybe he’ll get the chance to hunt Wilson early next year. In New York.

Also impressive on Sunday…Robert Mathis, with his 100th career sack.

I know there’s one sack Mathis has been dying to get. For months. Maybe years. And he’ll have the chance the next time the Colts play at home. But first, he can think about taking down Philip Rivers.

The Colts have a few more big games on the schedule before their bye week. And one in particular will get a lot of hype. But they’re just focused on the next target. And this week, the target is San Diego.

The Colts are on the radar.

They’re moving in the right direction.

The final destination is off in the distance…

But New York becomes a little more visible every week.

Go Colts!

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