Colts: Week 17 | In Sync…and Into the Playoffs

The Colts offense huddles up
(Photo: Indy Star/Matt Detrich)

The Indianapolis Colts beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in a decisive 30-10 victory on Sunday to close out the regular season on a high note.

At 11-5, the Colts sit atop the AFC South once again. And, once again…they’re headed to the playoffs.

A successful season by any standards.

What the numbers don’t reveal, is what this team had to endure to get there. Any NFL team is going to have ups and downs during the 16 game season. But, for the Colts and their fans, this season has been a real rollercoaster ride…complete with moments when you found yourself sick.

When Donald Thomas went down with a torn quad…sick. Dwayne Allen’s hip injury…sick. Ahmad Bradshaw’s neck injury…sick. And I’ll never forget where I was when I got the news on Vick Ballard’s freak ACL injury. I was helping my friend Mustard Girl (yes, seriously) with a road show at Costco. I actually got dizzy and had to sit down. And I was both sick to my stomach and teary watching Reggie Wayne limp off the field with his knee injury during the Broncos game.

From there, the Colts had some good weeks and some bad weeks. They won some games and dropped some along the way. They were dominating on defense and got dominated by defenses. They fired away on offense and were fired upon by offenses.

But through it all, the Colts stuck together. They kept their composure (the least penalized team in the NFL). The leaders led. And, they never wavered in support of their coaches or each other.

A bad injury didn’t equal a bad team. A bad play didn’t equal a bad game. A bad game didn’t equal a bad season.

It’s hard to explain what happened between November and December, but after some struggles and despite a mass of new names, this Colts team has really come together. Again.

And that, my friends…is leadership. Leadership and coaching.

The greatest thing about sports is what it teaches us about life. It’s never as good as it looks…or as bad as it seems.

ColtStrong isn’t just something this team says. It’s something they do. Day after day. Week after week. And year after year.

And now, a new season begins for the Colts. The playoff season. And anything can happen from here.

It’s win or go home.

But, if you ask me…this team has already won.

Go Colts!

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