Colts: Week 16 | A Savior is Born

Colts running back Donald Brown (Photo: NFL)

Colts running back Donald Brown
(Photo: NFL)

He wasn’t born in a stable in a far away land. He was actually born in New Jersey. But, he’s earned the title of savior nonetheless.

When the devastating injuries started piling up, when the Colts lost players like Dwayne Allen, Vick Ballard, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Reggie Wayne…it became obvious. The Colts needed someone…anyone to save this season.

But, who thought the hero of this team would be a player taken by the Colts in the first round of the 2009 draft? A player who had some starts, but had yet to be officially named the starter. A player who spent more time on the bench than on the field due to nagging injuries. A player who put up numbers for a few games, then quietly faded back into the locker room. A player who watched as his team brought in player after player at his position, most recently in a much-hyped trade.

Be honest. Who really thought the player who would emerge the star of this Colts season would be a guy named Eugene? Donald Eugene Brown. Yet, that’s exactly what happened.

The reality is, most of us wrote Donald Brown off a long time ago. Some years, I expected the Colts to trade him. Other years, I questioned whether he’d make the roster.

But, I always liked him. I always had a good feeling about him. And truth be told, my biggest fear was that the Colts would release Donald Brown and some team (most likely the Patriots) would pick him up and make him the star we always knew he could be.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen. And now, here he is. Donald Brown. A star. Shining brightly. For the Colts.

Tis the season for miracles.

And there are few stories this season more inspiring than Donald Brown’s.

Sometimes, you spend all your time searching…when the answer is right in front of you.

And all along…all you had to do was believe.

We believe.

Go Colts!

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