Colts: Week 12 | Thankful…that it’s over

Missing from most of Sunday's game: Colts running back Donald Brown (Photo: Indy Star/Matt Kryger)

Questionably missing from much of Sunday’s game: Colts running back Donald Brown
(Photo: Indy Star/Matt Kryger)

Well, well…here we are. Week 12. The week of Thanksgiving. And the Colts haven’t left us much to be thankful for, after a 40-11 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. It was a good, old-fashioned butt kicking. And one that, unfortunately, we’ve seen a few times this season.

I did pull a few positives out of Sunday’s game. Darrius Heyward-Bey made a handful of catches (including a two point conversion). David Reed had a decent return (his first of the season by my account). Sergio Brown had a blocked field goal. You don’t see that often (by the Colts, anyway). And, ummm…Ricky Jean Francois…with the dance moves. Impressive!

Other than that…yeah. It was ugly. And it’s a loss that leaves us with more questions than answers. What’s with the slow starts? Where does this leave the Colts? And where do they go from here?

I’m going back to the fact that this is the second year of the complete rebuilding of this team. And as Brent Nowostawski (@brentsn) puts it, what we’re really looking at is a second-year expansion team. Or, what’s left of it anyway…with all the injuries.

Yes, the guys who are left need to step up. Undoubtedly. The Colts need to do what they can with the talent they have. And for whatever reason, they’re not able to do too much right now. On either side of the ball.

I know the Colts. And I know that after a loss like this, everything will be examined. And it should be. I’m not going to join the “fire Pagano” crowd. Personally, I think it’s ridiculous. Chuck Pagano should have a few seasons to form this new team. And the Colts will give him that time, rightly so.

I know the season started one way, but that was many injuries ago. The team that beat the 49ers, the Seahawks, even the Broncos…was a different team. The challenge now, is taking this team as far as it can go.

For now, let’s go back to the basics. Let’s take it one week at a time. Starting with the first goal the Colts had this season: winning back the AFC South.

They can still do it.

And they have the chance to get one step closer to that goal next Sunday, in a divisional game at home against the Tennessee Titans.

Yes, week 12 was ugly.

But for now, every Sunday is a chance for the Colts to start over. To start fast. And to finish strong.

And for that…we can be truly grateful.

Go Colts!

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