Colts week 11: What can Brown do for you? Win games.

The stars of Thursday Night Football? These guys. Donald Brown and Coby Fleener.

The stars of Thursday Night Football? These guys. Donald Brown and Coby Fleener.
(Photo: Indy Star/Matt Detrich)

Be honest. If someone told you during training camp that the fate of this Colts season would come down to Donald Brown and Coby Fleener, where would you have this team after week 11?

2-8? 3-7?

Try 7-3.

I know. It’s an ugly 7-3. But, still.

For the record, I never stopped believing in Coby Fleener. He’s a smart kid. Big, physical, and talented. For whatever reason, his transition into the NFL was slow, but he’s quickly becoming one of Andrew Luck’s most reliable targets…just as we expected. Only, we expected it last season.

Now under the direction of Pep Hamilton, their former Stanford offensive coordinator, Fleener and Luck seem to have found that loving feeling again. And not a moment too soon.

And how long have we been waiting on Donald Brown for a season like this? Oh, I don’t know, maybe…forever!? But again, the fact that Brown is somehow a major factor in this offense tells me Pep Hamilton just may have something to do with it. Something is working for The Donald.

Brown is one of those players I knew some team would somehow get going…the minute the Colts gave up on him. I’m just glad it didn’t come down to that.

After the first half of the season, the last thing I was expecting to do was sing the praises of Pep Hamilton. And I don’t know that I’m prepared to do it now. All I’m saying is…something is clicking. With Fleener. With Brown. And with a makeshift offense of repackaged, repurposed players in practically every role.

It wasn’t pretty, but these Colts win ugly. And that’s just something we’re going to have to accept. A win is a win. Is a win.

Thursday night’s win against the Tennessee Titans was another gritty, grimy, prime time performance. But it put the Colts in a near lock to take back the AFC South.

And better yet…it means Colts fans can rest easy on Sunday.

So, wash that dirt off.


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