Colts week 10: Next fan up

Disappointed fans leaving Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday (Photo: Indy Star/Matt Detrich)

Colts fans leave Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday without much to celebrate
(Photo: Indy Star/Matt Detrich @MDetrich)

We knew it was coming.

It finally caught up with them.

On Sunday, the Colts dug themselves into a hole they couldn’t get out of. Not in two quarters, anyway. They ran out of time. They ran out of energy. They ran out of plays.

And let’s be honest…they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel on talent too.

I make no excuses for the Colts.

But, it was one game. And they do have an entire starting offense on injured reserve. And it’s year two of the rebuilding process. No one said it would be easy. And no one said it would be complete after one season. Or two seasons, for that matter.

Yes, the Colts have issues. The (offensive) offensive line. The so-called running game. The defensive secondary (as of late). Even Andrew Luck who, as it turns out, is still a quarterback in his sophomore season (at least he was on Sunday).

And when is the last time this happened? The Colts had a punt returned for a touchdown and even Pat McAfee couldn’t save it. It’s been a few weeks, at least.

McAfee made up for it at halftime though. When he brought out a new car for a military family. With the dad inside. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. And that had nothing to do with the scoreboard.

Colts punter Pat McAfee puts on a real show at halftime (Photo: Indy Star/Matt Kryger)

The highlight of the game…Pat McAfee’s halftime show
(Photo: Indy Star/Matt Kryger @MattKryger)

To many of us, the Colts are more than a number on a screen. They are representatives of our city. They are members of our community.

And they are in our hearts…win or lose.

The Colts had a bad game.

But that doesn’t make them a bad team.

And it certainly doesn’t make them bad people.

To the fans who don’t see it that way, I say…farewell.

Next fan up.

And don’t let the door (to Lucas Oil Stadium) hit you on the way out.

Go Colts!

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