Colts are Good. Not Great. Yet…

Colts WR LaVon Brazill makes a catch dragging Patriot defender Alfonzo Dennard with him. (Photo: Matt Detrich/Indy Star)

Colts WR LaVon Brazill makes a catch dragging Patriot defender Alfonzo Dennard with him.
(Photo: Matt Detrich/Indy Star)

Great teams don’t just happen. They don’t just fall together. They are developed over time. By overcoming adversity, pulling off impossible victories, and rebounding from heartbreaking defeats.

This season the Colts overcame everything…devastating injuries, impossible odds, and gut-wrenching losses.

Despite all of that, they came together, recaptured the division, won a playoff game, and advanced to the divisional round. That’s one step father than they came last year. And that alone is a victory for this young team.

It wasn’t the ending we wanted. The Colts went into New England and were dominated by the offense, stuffed by the defense, and made mistakes where they needed to make big plays.

It was a bitter defeat that will be hard to swallow for some time. But eventually, the Colts will rebound from Saturday’s loss to the Patriots, just as they have everything else this year.

They’ll file it away and move on to a new season. With more new faces and more collective experience between them.

This wasn’t the year. This wasn’t a championship team. It wasn’t a Super Bowl team. Some of the pieces are there. Others have yet to fall into place.

These Colts did what they needed to do. They built on last season’s success. They raised their expectations of themselves and each other. And they gained some valuable football wisdom along the way.

Winning builds confidence. Losing builds character.

And that’s what makes good teams great.

The Colts are good. Really good. But they’re not great…not yet.

Greatness will come.

In the meantime, just try to enjoy the ride…knowing that someday, when the time is right…the Colts will draw on every success and failure, every lesson and every heartbreak, put that experience to use, and hoist the Lombardi Trophy not in spite of it, but in celebration of it. All of it.

And then…they will be truly great.

Go Colts!

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  1. brent nowostawski says:

    Another excellent , truthful , honest blog. Thank you Heather. We all knew this is not yet a SB team. But with some lucky breaks…you never know. So as fans we stay positive and support. The disappointing heartbreak is still there. I thought we could beat new england , I’m a little shocked things went the way they did , but not totally shocked. Young , inexperienced teams have games like this. We have had several this year. Especially against a quarterback and coach that have had success for 13 years together. Like you said , we were one step better than last year (our QB , GM and coach’s freshman year) Our future is so bright !! GO COLTS In the meantime , while Coach Pagano , Mr. Grigson and Mr. Irsay are hard at work….Go Pacers !

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