Colts vs. Giants Preseason Game 2: Fast Start…Not So Fast Finish.


Colts WR Hakeem Nicks with his former Giants quarterback Eli Manning. (Photo: Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports)

The biggest thing that struck me watching the Colts preseason game against the New York Giants is this: If I were Tom Coughlin, I would give Ryan Nassib a closer look. Seriously. He was my favorite quarterback from that draft class. And I think he earned the position of backup quarterback. And former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Curtis Painter may have finally earned his walking papers.

I know the Colts blew a 26-point lead. In the fourth quarter. But you know what would concern me more? If my team was down 21-0 in the first quarter, as the Giants were.

Preseason is preseason. You judge your team when the starters are on the field. And again, the Colts starting offense looks downright dangerous, even without the likes of Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton. Andrew Luck to Hakeem Nicks is starting to look like a thing. And Nicks looked like he was having a little too much fun against his old team. So much so, that he was called for taunting. Griff Whalen reestablished himself as a dominant candidate for the Colts Preseason Ring of Honor. Now, let’s see if he can deem himself ineligible by becoming a regular season star.

The Colts defense looks scary. They’ve started both preseason games with three and outs against the opposing team. The running backs are getting stuffed. And the man partially responsible for that, linebacker D’Qwell Jackson (who the Colts signed from the Cleveland Browns in the offseason) got his first quarterback sack on Eli Manning in Lucas Oil Stadium. The home crowd responded with a good, warm Hoosier welcome.

There are still a few things we’re looking for. While certainly improved, I’d like to see more from the Colts running game. And ya…not giving up 27 points in the fourth quarter would be nice.

But, if what we took away from Saturday night’s second preseason game is that the Giants third string team is better than the Colts third string team…well, I’m just fine with that.

Go Colts!

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