Colts get more than a backup in Matt Hasselbeck

Matt Hasselbeck (Photo: Associated Press)

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck
(Photo: Associated Press)

For a signing that lacked multiple exclamation point tweets on the part of owner Jim Irsay, I have to say…I for one, am very excited about the Colts signing former Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

Here. I’ll prove it: Matt Hasselbeck!!!!! Great addition to the Colts!!!!!!!!!!! Count them…fifteen exclamation points. How’s that for enthusiastic? Take that, Jim Irsay.

Let me start by saying that I hope he never takes a snap in a regular season game (unless it’s a blowout, and in that case I hope he plays often). And I think Chandler Harnish is the most relevant Mr. Irrelevant in NFL history.

But, that being said…as a Colts fan, I won’t sleep well unless we have a veteran backup for Andrew Luck. Irsay acknowledged as much when he tweeted the following prior to announcing Hasselbeck’s signing:


I like Hasselbeck as a player. But I like him even more as a man and teaching teammate to our current quarterbacks. During his time in Green Bay, Seattle, and Tennessee, Matt Hasselbeck has seen it all. He has played on different offenses, against different defenses, is a three-time Pro Bowl player and led the Seahawks to Super Bowl XL, which they ultimately lost to the Steelers.

His former teammates can’t say enough about him. Here’s what Titans quarterback Jake Locker told ESPN about Hasselbeck after taking over as starter:

“I think he’s affected my life more off the field than he has on. He’s just a great guy, a guy that I’m very thankful to have a friendship with. And, yeah, he’s been a blessing in my life.”

-Titans quarterback Jake Locker

Another former teammate, Trent Dilfer, absolutely gushed about Hasselbeck last season while announcing the Titans preseason Monday Night Football game against the Cardinals. Dilfer credits Hasselbeck with saving his life after losing his son in 2003.

“I was 265 pounds and drinking myself to sleep. I’m depressed, my wife’s going, ‘What’s going on?’ And it’s that guy, Matthew Hasselbeck, that says, ‘This is over. I love you too much to let you do this to yourself. You need to come back up to Seattle.’”

-Trent Dilfer, broadcaster and former teammate

Dilfer calls Hasselbeck “one of the greatest people in the NFL” and said the Titans and Jake Locker were better off as an organization for having him. Surely he would say the same about the Colts and Andrew Luck.

I tweeted him about it and here is our exchange:


A great player. And an even greater guy.

Welcome to the Indianapolis Colts, Matt Hasselbeck. May your days here be long and enjoyable.

Much like my nights.

See? He’s made a difference in my life already.


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