Colts fans: Read this. Before you do something you may regret…

Colts rookie TE and 2013 Mr. Irrelevant, Justice Cunningham (Photo: AP/Michael Conroy)

Colts rookie TE and 2013 Mr. Irrelevant, Justice Cunningham
(Photo: AP/Michael Conroy)

Colts fans…step away from the ledge. Or the bridge. Or the window. Or whatever it is you’re prepared to pummel to your death from. And remember one thing: it’s preseason. And it doesn’t matter. And you may just hurt yourself really, really badly. That’s three things. Sorry.

You want to know how little this game meant? I walked into the lounge towards the end of the third quarter to find my stepson, Matthew, eating popcorn…and watching golf.


That’s how I know it’s the preseason. Because if it had been a regular season game, Matthew would be grounded. And he’s not.

I try to look at the preseason games for what they are…a chance to watch different players in certain positions in order to make roster decisions. For the Colts and my fantasy team. That’s it, guys. Really.

Here’s what I took away from game one:

  • T.Y. Hilton looks like he’s rocked and ready for a breakout sophomore season. And he still reminds me of someone. Someone who will soon be in the Hall of Fame. Marvin Harrison.
  • Matt Hasselbeck has still got it and gives us a great, reliable option at backup quarterback. And if you didn’t block out that 2-14 season (and I don’t blame you if you did), I think we can agree that is a role we now have great respect for.
  • Kerwynn Williams is a tough, fast prospect at running back.
  • Pat McAfee demonstrated that the “Boomstick” is alive and well (and ready to earn him every dollar of that franchise player tag).
  • Coby Fleener is big, fast, and always in the right place. He just needs to hold on to the ball (or get new gloves, as Matthew suggested). Again, reminds me of someone: Dallas Clark.
  • And Chandler Harnish’s pass to Justice Cunningham is a great reminder that with the Colts, there is no such thing as Mr. Irrelevant.

Yes, we would have liked to see the beefed up defense stop a few more runs. And the bolstered offense create a few more plays. And special teams coverage to stop…anything. Or anyone. But here’s the thing, many of the players the team is relying on to do those things…were not on the field.

You can’t judge entire units with half the pieces missing. That’s like trying to buy a car before it’s assembled. Nice door. Flashy rims. But until it’s put together, it’s pointless.

There’s no need to panic. Not now. Not after the next game. Not even after the third preseason game.

I remember the Colts going 0-4 or 1-4 plenty of times in the preseason. And you know what happened next? They went 9-0, 10-0, 11-0…in the regular season. When it counted.

So as it turns out, the only thing that is irrelevant to the Colts…is the preseason.

Now, get off the roof and go back inside.

You are welcome.

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