Colts fans’ Christmas list

Colts fans…are you too busy shopping for everyone else to make out your own Christmas list? Don’t worry. I did it for you:

Dear Santa,

We’ve been really good this year. And we think we still deserve some extra credit for last year. So for Christmas, please bring us…

A 300 pound offensive lineman (make that two).

A Gillette Fusion razor for Andrew Luck (the neck beard is no match for five blades…5!).

Just Dance for Coby Fleener (maybe he’ll get some new ideas for his next touchdown).

A new security system for Reggie Wayne’s car.

A box of Kleenex for AQ Shipley.

A can of Stickum for Mewelde Moore.

A roll of bubble wrap for Andrew Luck (before he faces JJ Watt again).

Hats for Coach Pagano, the players, two cheerleaders, and all the fans who shaved their heads for #ChuckStrong.

A clean bill of health for Coach Pagano.

A win against the Chiefs on December 23rd.

A win against the Texans on December 30th.

A playoff game against anyone but the Broncos (we’re just not ready for that yet).

Coach Pagano back on the sideline coaching our playoff game.

Record for passing yards by a rookie quarterback for Andrew Luck.

Coach of the Year for Bruce Arians.

Luck (Awww, forget it. We don’t need luck…we have Luck!).

Thanks, Santa.


Indianapolis Colts Fans

Merry Christmas!


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