Colts Fans Are Fortunate. Not Spoiled. There’s A Difference.

The Indianapolis Colts secured the AFC South at Lucas Oil Stadium on December 14, 2014

As I was riding home from the Colts game on Sunday (truthfully, more relieved than excited) I listened to the post-game show on 1070 The Fan. After starting in 209 games (a new Colts franchise record), beating the Houston Texans, and securing the AFC South once again, beloved wide receiver Reggie Wayne reflected on being in the twilight of his career. The division championships, the playoff games, the Super Bowls…what it all means to him.

“It feels like yesterday…but at the same time, it seems like it’s been forever.”

-Reggie Wayne

Wayne went on to talk about what it means for players like D’Qwell Jackson and Josh Cribbs (both former Cleveland Browns), who put in the time, but never had the opportunity to experience the success until now.

And it got me thinking (again) about just how lucky we are as Colts fans. Nine division titles since 2002. 14 trips to the playoffs in the last 16 seasons. Two AFC Championships. Two Super Bowl runs. One Lombardi Trophy. And more memories than we can even count.

We’ll hear a lot this week about how spoiled Colts fans are. But, I choose to call it something else: fortunate. The one differentiating factor is gratitude. Colts fans know how lucky they are. They appreciate the success their team has had. And they understand how rare it is in the National Football League.

Success will get you everywhere. But without gratitude, you won’t enjoy it. Colts fans are enjoying the ride. And Reggie Wayne hopes to join them, eventually…

“I’m not really able to really sit back and enjoy everything until the offseason hits. And then I’m able to kind of put things in perspective. Normally, after each season is over, I know I’m going to drive home. And those 16 hours back to Florida, that’s when I’m sitting back on I-75 and I’m thinking about what we just achieved.”

For Wayne, the Colts, and the fans, anything short of a Super Bowl championship will be a disappointment.

Not because we’re spoiled.

Because we’re fortunate.

Go Colts!

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