Colts fan responds to Skip Bayless

Dear Skip,

My first reaction, while reading your column on the Colts, was not to dignify it with a response. But then, when you directly posed the question to fans, I felt obligated to reply. I’m still not sure why.

There are certain things in life I have learned not to question: A) My mother. B) The laws of the universe, and C) The logic of idiots.

When the Indianapolis Colts lost Peyton Manning, went 2-14, and ended up with the top draft pick, all in the same year the most talked about college quarterback (coincidentally named Luck) was entering the NFL draft…you don’t question it. Especially when his college coach (who used to play for the Colts) had already given them a heads up that he is indeed the heir apparent to their MVP quarterback.

You don’t mess with fate, Skip. You take that guy and you never look back. And that is what Jim Irsay did.

So, to your question: “Would Colts fans rather have Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck?”

My response is this…

We’re good.


Colts Fans

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