Colts Draft: Not sexy. By Design.

Twitter: @Colts

Twitter: @Colts

The 2014 Colts draft wasn’t overly sexy. It didn’t create a lot of excitement. There was no big buzz that followed. And there’s a good reason for that…

The Colts don’t suck.

That’s how you get high draft picks. Your team sucks. Or, you sell your soul to the devil (trade up) and hope it works out.

Some would say the Colts sold their soul when they traded their first round pick this year to Cleveland for Trent Richardson. I still say give him another season. With the Browns’ luck, he’ll turn into a Hall of Famer.

Do you remember what we were screaming about at the end of last season? The offensive line and the defensive line. Protect Luck! Stop the run!!

And that is exactly where Ryan Grigson invested his money (or, Mr. Irsay’s money) this offseason. In free agency, the Colts added inside linebacker D’Qwell Jackson to help plug the hole teams keep running through in our defense. They also added depth with Arthur Jones at defensive end or tackle. And of course, Hakeem Nicks at wide receiver (sexy).

And then came the draft. How best to protect Andrew Luck? Build a wall around him…starting in the second round with Jack Mewhort who, as one fan pointed out, is as big as a door.

Twitter: @jackmewhort

Twitter: @jackmewhort

Mewhort is an offensive tackle from Ohio State who can play five positions (center being one of them). But first and foremost, he is insurance. Who can close the door on pass rushers.

The only sexy pick this draft may have been the Colts’ third rounder, Donte Moncrief, a wide receiver from Ole Miss. You know how I judge a player I don’t know much about? By what I get tweeted by those who do. When the Colts drafted Moncrief, I got tweeted, “You’re going to love this guy,” who apparently comes with his own song: Feed Moncrief. Now, that’s sexy!

Grigson added to the defensive line again in the fifth round with defensive end Jonathan Newsome. And he didn’t have to go far to do it…just up 69 to Ball State. Newsome loves to chase quarterbacks and has already declared he’s going to become Robert Mathis’ little brother. Sounds perfect to me! Hope he’s prepared to carry some pads in the process.

In the sixth round, Grigson took Andrew Jackson, an inside linebacker from Western Kentucky. And again, I was tweeted a highlight video of him absolutely flattening Kentucky’s quarterback. Which, I have to say, is a little bit sexy.

And again, you can never have enough protection for Andrew Luck, so Grigson added some more with Georgia State tackle Ulrick John in the seventh round. John is also versatile and can play every position on the offensive line. Which (as we found out last season) is desirable.

The team also signed 20 undrafted free agents including a center, a safety, a quarterback, a kicker, and a basketball player (the token non-traditional Ryan Grigson signing).

Sexy? Not so much. Solid? We hope. By the standards of former Colts GM Bill Polian, we won’t be in a position to judge this draft for three years anyway. And I don’t know about you, but I hope the Colts pick low that year too.

I’ll take a sexy team over a sexy draft any day.

Go Colts!


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