Christmas came early for Colts fans

Running back Trent Richardson. Now a Colt.  (Photo: AP/Conroy)

Running back Trent Richardson. Now a Colt.
(Photo: AP/Conroy)

Wake up, Colts fans! It’s Christmas morning!!

Well, it feels that way anyway. No, don’t worry…it’s not snowing.

Let me start by telling you the story I was preparing to write today. It went something like this…

Colts fans, it’s time for us to dig deep, step up, and be ColtStrong. Because after losing three starters in one week, our team is going to need all the help it can get to make it through this season. And whether it ends at the Super Bowl, at 8-8, or…not, we just need to hang in there and be the best fans we can be.

Running back Vick Ballard. Guard Donald Thomas. And tight end Dwayne Allen. Like dominoes.

I heard the “thud” of Colts fans jumping off the bandwagon all week. And it only got louder after the Colts put starting tight end Dwayne Allen on the season ending injured reserve list.

But then, magically…help arrived. In the form of Trent Richardson. The Colts traded their 2014 first round draft pick for the Alabama running back taken third overall by the Cleveland Browns in the 2012 draft (they traded up from fourth to get him). That’s two spots after the Colts picked Andrew Luck. So, let’s just say the Colts won the 2012 NFL draft.

How this happened, I have no idea. But I’m not going to question it. One of the things I love most about this regime is that they don’t ever take a break, put their feet up, or take a play off. When someone goes down, it’s next man up. But General Manager Ryan Grigson wastes no time trying to turn misfortune into fortune.

Yes, there are still skeptics. Some say the Colts paid too much. They say Richardson isn’t worth a top draft pick. They say he’s not yet proven himself in the NFL (in 17 games).

You know what I keep telling myself? The Colts have Ahmad Bradshaw and Trent Richardson. There’s been a lot of talk of a power running game, but the last time the Colts really had one was…well, we retired Edgerrin James’ jersey last year. So, that long.

The Colts just put their money where their mouth is.

Trent Richardson or a (truly) untested rookie out of college? I’ll take my chances on Richardson any day. Hell, I’ll double down.

The only downside? For Colts fans, the first round of the 2014 draft may have us feeling like a kid who already peeked at his presents. But, it’s worth it.

Because for us, Christmas came on September 18th.

The Colts have Trent Richardson.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas.

And…Go Colts!

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