Chapter One


Indianapolis Colts rookie Quarterback Andrew Luck wrote the first chapter in the history of his NFL career on Sunday.  And he couldn’t have scripted it much better himself.  The consensus from coaches, teammates, fans, and the media was that they also couldn’t have written a better start for the Stanford star and this year’s top NFL draft pick.

Luck took the field for the Colts first preseason game against the St. Louis Rams in front of a sold out crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium.  Sold out?  In a preseason game?  Do you think Indianapolis fans are looking forward to a fresh start?  His first play, a quick toss to Running Back Donald Brown…for a touchdown!

Colts owner Jim Irsay immediately tweeted:

 “Historic beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!! The legend has begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Yes, that is 31 exclamation points.  I didn’t count them, but SI’s Peter King did.  And those weren’t the only exclamation points we saw from Irsay Sunday afternoon…

Luck also had a beautiful touchdown pass to Austin Collie.  And commanded a fantastic drive that resulted in Delone Carter running (or more like jumping) one in for a 21-3 halftime lead.  In four possessions, Luck finished the day 10-of-16 for 188 yards and 2 touchdowns.  His passer rating was 142.7.  The Colts beat the Rams 38-3.

Not to go crazy with comparisons, but someone else started his Colts and NFL career with a touchdown pass (to Marvin Harrison) on his first play.  He finished his first game 8-of-15 for 113 yards, with 1 touchdown and 1 interception.  His passer rating was 72.4.  He was also the number one draft pick that year.  His career, while still playing out, is stuff legends are made of.  No, we don’t need another Peyton Manning, but it sure looks like we got one!  At least so far…

Yes, it’s true.  We have Luck…and his name is Andrew.  The transition is complete.  There was one tweet by Scott Kacsmar under @CaptainComeback that summed it up perfectly and left me both sad and ecstatic at the same time:

“It’s like Peyton’s final gift to Colts fans was missing a season that secured their next 10-15 years #AndrewLuck”

The only known cure for a broken heart is falling in love.  And Colts fans just fell in love again.

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