Andrew Luck. Ladies’ Man? 

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is the number one in women's jersey sales (Photo: Michael Conroy, The Associated Press)

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is number one in women’s jersey sales (Photo: Michael Conroy/Associated Press)

As all women can tell you, there are guys you hang out with. There are guys you date. And there are guys you marry.

The same can be said for football players. There are players you cheer for. There are players you lust for. And there are players you commit to.

For female football fans, nothing says commitment like wearing a player’s jersey. It’s kind of like the old days, when a girl wore her boyfriend’s letter jacket or class ring. It sends a message: This is my guy. And I’m proud to show it.

Wearing a player’s jersey also sends a message to that player. You’re telling him he’s special. He’s more than just a one-week crush. You’re in it for the long haul. Good game or bad, you’re there for him. And you’re not giving up on him. Even if everyone else does.

I recently read that Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has the top-selling women’s NFL jersey. And I can’t tell you I’m surprised by that (no, it’s not the neck beard).

Because there’s something else about the players female fans commit to. It’s about more than football. Women want to be proud of a player on and off the field. We want them to be tough, strong, and competitive. But we also want them to be good, smart, and kind.

Andrew Luck fulfills all of those needs. A Stanford man, a leader, and a born winner…he’s also honest, humble, and polite. Luck is almost impossible not to like. Just ask the players who line up against him. Guys who get paid to knock him down have a hard time disliking Andrew Luck, probably because he’s praising them for hitting him. Who does that?

Andrew Luck. That’s who.

Luck is the kind of guy you bring home to your parents. The kind of guy you hope your daughter brings home to you.

And that’s why women wear his jersey. Because Andrew Luck stands for all that’s good about football and all that we love about sports.

Tom Brady may be the man of your dreams. But Andrew Luck is the man you wake up and build a life with.

Players come and go. Most I remember. Some I connect with. A few touch my heart.

But Andrew Luck is The One.

When it comes to my game day attire, I’m not really a jersey girl. I prefer fanwear that looks more like the clothes I wear every day.

But, I do own one jersey.


That’s right…lucky number 12.

Call me Lady Luck.

This lady will tell you that she’s the lucky one.

And she’s not alone.

Go Luck!


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