All teams say they love female fans. The Colts just proved it.

The Blue Ladies Charter Members (Photo: Colts)

Charter members of the Colts’ Blue Ladies group
(Photo: Colts)

They are true blue Colts fans who wear the horseshoe with pride, are ColtStrong, and bleed blue…Colts blue.

On Sunday, they are the twelfth “man” on the field. Passionate. Proud. Loyal. And loud. But, men…they are not. They are the women who call themselves Colts fans. And now, they have a brand new club of their own.

The Indianapolis Colts relaunched its Colts Women’s Club this week as the Blue Ladies group. It is a new and improved version of the old club, offering more to female fans for less. How do I know? Because I helped design it.

The Colts launched the CWC in 2010, as only the third NFL fan club exclusive to women. When they decided to rebuild it, the Colts invited female fans to a focus group and specifically asked us what we wanted in a club.

We responded emphatically. We wanted exclusive information, events, player engagement, and to help represent the team in the community.

And you know what? They gave it to us. All of it! No, we didn’t ask for our own suite with a mimosa bar…but apparently we should have.

And so, the Blue Ladies group was born. And here’s what you can look forward to by joining this season:

  • Starter kit with exclusive Blue Ladies hat, t-shirt, bag, and membership card
  •  Bi-Monthly member happy hours at the Colts Grille
  • A “Blue Evening” at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center on July 20th, featuring dinner, great prizes, and a player available for autographs
  • Special opportunities to get involved in the community on behalf of the Colts
  • Exclusive “Meet the Team” nights at the Colts Grille
  • Special shopping events at the Colts Pro Shop

Plus, you get to meet and enjoy the company of other true blue female Colts fans like me. The perfect medicine for those offseason football withdrawals.

We even have our own drink at the Colts Grille, the Blue Lady Liter. Highly recommend.  (Photo: Colts)

We even have our own drink at the Colts Grille, the Blue Lady Liter 
(Photo: Colts)

The Colts are already gearing up for the 2013 season. And training camp is right around the corner. Get yourself ready to represent your team to the best of your ability and sign up for the Blue Ladies group today. And tell them I sent you.

Here's to the ladies...and the Colts. Cheers!  (Photo: Colts)

Here’s to the ladies…and the Colts. Cheers!
(Photo: Colts)

There are many female fans who love and support their team.

But how many can say their team loves them back?

The Indianapolis Colts love their female fans…and they’re not afraid to show it.

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