A letter to the Indy Star

Indianapolis Star October 15, 2012

Dear Indy Star,

Pardon my French, but this really pisses me off.  Road Wimps?  Really?  I know you were just in New York, but let me fill you in on something…you’re back in Indiana.  Where Hoosier Hospitality is a thing.  And not just a thing…a real thing.

I’m not one of those fans who thinks you can only say or write positive things about my team.  Far from it.  And I wasn’t happy about throwing Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez a coming out party at Met Life Stadium on Sunday.  Still…

We have a rookie quarterback who was playing his second game on the road.  Yes, they got pounded in Chicago too.  The home field advantage is real in the National Football League, as our young Andrew Luck is finding out.  The Colts were beneficiaries of the home town crowd last week.  This week, not so much.  And this was a Jets crowd that hadn’t had much to cheer about as of this season.

The Colts were coming off a huge emotional win last week, one no one expected out of them.  It’s hard to carry that emotion into the next week.  Consistency is going to be an issue with young players, both mentally and physically.

And the injuries are racking up.  There were a few names on the field that I didn’t recognize on Sunday.  On the offense and the defense.  So not only do we have new players, we have newer players filling in for them.  Not to mention the loss of our head coach and the heart of this young team.

I’m not making excuses.  And I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.  But I am going to remind you of something.  Your job.  As a representative of your community.

Way to be supportive.  Way to be patient.  Way to show your readers how to be a proper fan.  And most importantly, way to reflect your city.

Lest you forget…Hoosiers don’t boo the home team.  Hoosiers don’t throw their young players under the bus after two road losses.  And Hoosiers are known for being the classiest fans in the NFL, win or lose.

That headline might work in New York, but you’re not in New York.

Welcome home.  To the Hoosier State.


Colts Fans




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